About The College

Sri Sai Ram Institute of Technology

Sri Sai Ram Institute of Technology, Chennai, established in the year 2008 by MJF. Ln.Leo Muthu, Chairman of Sapthagiri Educational Trust, is non-profitable, and non-minority institution. The College is functioning at Sai Leo Nagar near the well-known fascinating Theme Park, “Kishkinta”.

About The Department

Computer Science & Engineering

The Department has been accredited by the AICTE and affiliated to Anna University, Chennai. The alacrity of the students to learn makes it easier for the Department of Computer Science & Engineering to produce top-notch Engineers. Our Department is equipeed with 24 well qualified Faculty and 5 supporting Staff.

Valar Codulus


'Valar codulus'- the name may be all 'greek and latin' to you. But , beware if you don't brush up your coding skills the entire event might turn out to be the same.

Walder Web


For a long time Mr.Spiderman has been the best Web Designer. Do you think, you can beat him? We shall see! Show case your skills here as a Web Designer. May the odds be in your favour

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Bugs- an elusive part in a program that takes it wide of the mark. They say, debugging ends (for a while though), when the person gets tired.Here we present a chance to break the myth.Remove the bugs in the program before they enter your brain and make you mad.

Maesters Master


They say, 'the pen is mightier than the sword.' So grab your pen and papers for the ultimate showdown of scholars. We prepared the arena so you could astonish us with your innovative ideas and proposals. Get ready for the battle of the intellects. The throne awaits the true knight of the minds!

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Three Eyed Raven


U know u are desperate for an answer when u look at the second page of Google. Now, how desperate are u gonna be to "Google it! " Easy huh? Well, we don't think so...We challenge u to unearthen stuffs by just using the search. Image search?? Not at all. All u have is the basic search to prove ur googling skills.

Surprise Events


Surprise. Surprise. Surprise. The element of surprise always plays a crucial role in winning the war. Can you impress us off the cuff? Are you skilled to face the challenges ahead? Let the Games begin.

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Online Application Developement Event


Mobile applications have revolutionized Mobile World. In the dynamic technology industry, mobile application development market is at its peak. Its is the need of the hour & the latest fruitful business trend. It's your turn now to revolutionize the world.

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Online Games


Catch the prey to grow in size and don't hit yourself. Use Desktop system controls to move the snake. Recommended to use your laptop or desktop.

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